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How to choose a construction company not being cheated by swindlers

Every person has to deal with apartment repair at least once in life. Although it is possible to make a cosmetic repair singly, one will have to use a contractor for home remodeling.

Nowadays, the existence of different construction companies, privately-owned teams and single workers brings up a question: What is better to choose? First of all lets deal with several positive sides of the construction company.

  1. Company always gives guarantee for its work and materials. You know where to find its office and in accordance with the contract you are able to write a claim. Unfortunately, the privately-owned teams wont give you any guarantees as they are not a legal entity, which means they wont be responsible for its work.
  2. Working out the contract, company gives you full price and schedule of work, which means you are able to plan your budget and be sure in safety of your money. From the other hand single workers usually needs extra money.
  3. Construction company has a variety of different experienced specialists and sub suppliers, whose work is highly specialized. This system provides you with good quality, which impossible to receive using non-qualified staff.
  4. Company has enough resources and use up-to-date professional equipment, which is impossible for privately-owned teams.

One may face with swindlers, it doesnt depends on customers final decision to choose company or single worker. Lets discuss three main ways of the fraud.

  1. Company takes advance payment and then disappears, switching off telephones or changing mobile numbers. Or company provides you with non-qualified repair, receives your claims and rescind contract, which leads you to the loss of your money. That is why it is necessary to sign the contract on the actual basis. You will pay step-by-step checking the result and quality of each type of works.
  2. Formatting the contract swindlers may mark down the final price of repair, avoiding necessarily needed works and materials, which leads customer to further unexpected spending. Only choosing well-known company with good reputation one will be able to avoid such tricky situations.
  3. Company may suggest you to pay for the expendable materials according to the extent of brought and used materials at work. Unfortunately, it is impossible to check the real extent of materials and workers can use your materials on other items. That is why it is better when price of all rough materials is fixed in contract.

Anyway, if you finally decide to start up repair and want to choose a construction company, lets establish how to take such a complex decision.

  1. Firstly, have a look on the web-site of the company. It should be looking respectable and use merchant name. It cant be disposed on free hosting (for example narod.ru). You should be able to find main services of company, its telephone number and office address. Swindlers usually dont have an office.
  2. Secondly, make a call to the company. If it sounds like mobile call then usually it means that company has no office. Dont waste your time on such companies.
  3. It is recommended to have a look on several routine repairs. It provides you with real understanding of quality and organization of work. It is better to find another company if the one you have chosen doesnt provide you with such experience.
  4. Be careful with the contract. Its impossible to discuss the liabilities and responsibilities of the parties on 5-7 pages. Contract should be made at least on 10-15 pages.
  5. It is necessary to know that company can take advance payment only for materials but not for work.
  6. One should inquire company manager about its main partners connected with materials, conditioners, windows and etc. Good company has a wide range of partners and is able to provide customer with the best price that will help you to save your money.
  7. One should confirm if the supply department exists in company. You should understand that foremans responsibility is to manage the process of repair but not to look for materials. In respected companies supply department is responsible for the search and selection of all materials.
  8. Usually, big companies have a queue of customers and begin to work only after 5-10 days after the formation of contract, which should be pre-agreed. One should be looking about if company is ready to begin from the next day.
  9. It is a big plus for the company if it had well-known customers. The bigger customers company had, the better quality new customer receives.
  10. For the last, every construction company has a portfolio of its works. It is recommended to explore such photos. You should be able to see the whole process of repair, from the beginning with rough work till the finishing, step-by-step. Only after that one can be sure that photoshoots were made exactly while repairing. Otherwise, if company shows you only beautiful shoots of interiors, usually such shoots are taken from good catalogues.

To sum up, this were the main principles helping not only to make a high-quality repair of an apartment, but also to be sure in safety of the money and clients nerves. Dont let yourself be cheated.

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