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About «Fundament» companies group

The «Fundament» Companies Group is one of the most well-known organizations at RF market, which has proved its professionalism by starting its activities in 1999.

Currently the company has more than 500 employees in Moscow and Saint Petersburg - 30 professional designers, architects, engineers, workers and lot of others.

We perform complete cycle of interiors creation: from design- projects development to premises interior design and repair. We specialize at:

Many clients ask us, why should we work exactly with you?

We can set you a lot of reasons! Here are just some of them.

  1. We work on official agreement only having detailed statement and schedule of all works performance annexed to it.
  2. We warrant that after signing agreement, during repair the fee for materials and work will remain unchanged, even if the price for materials becomes higher.
  3. We are sure about the quality of our work that is why we do not take advances for our work. The payment is done only after the completion of specified stage of works.
  4. We offer our clients the three years warranty on all our works. We are proud of having less than one percent of warranty repairs from total amount of agreements.
  5. Our partner network comprises more than 100 permanents suppliers of materials and equipment, while most of them provide significant discounts for their products and services for our clients. You can buy everything using our services! Sanitary-ware, doors, windows, air conditioners and lot of other things … A part of stock-list can be found at our internet shop web site
  6. You get design project development absolutely free when ordering design and repair in our company! Why is it free? It is free because we spend less time on works discussing, decisions taking, materials search and other things when doing the repair on design project basis. All this significantly decreases during works performance the Company expenses approximately equal to the cost of design project.
  7. We do not hide our current units and are always ready to demonstrate the quality of work we do «live» during all works performance stages till the moment of agreement signing. We are sure that you will be satisfied by the quality you see.
  8. We perform all the works on the basis of self regulated organization certificate (SRO, construction license), warranting high professionalism of our specialists and every year attestation.
  9. All construction units are insured at «Orson» IC for the sum of 10 million rubles. It will allow you to get rid of unforeseen problems in case of leakages, cracks and other damage of your neighbors.
  10. All our services are certified by federal agency of technical regulation and metrology «Rosiest». Our company had been nominated by the diploma of «Rostest» of high quality services on interiors design and cottages/ flat repair. After confirmation of our services high quality level, the management board and staff of our company have taken the obligations to provide stability of quality indices and support attained level of services consumer characteristics, having signed together with «RosTest» the quality declaration.
  11. We both support the quality of our work on high level and daily control our work on current agreements. During design project development the quality and term are controlled by design department SEO, the project technology issues (engineering systems, construction structures and technologies) are controlled by chief engineer. The construction work control is done at three stages: foreman monitoring, designer monitoring and chief engineer control. All this allows us to be proud about the results of our work.
  12. The «Foundation» companies group is a sole architect construction company, certified for the compliance of quality assurance system in accordance with international ISO 9001:2008 standards concerning interior design and premises repair.
  13. The «Foundation» companies group is the member of Moscow Chamber of Commerce.
  14. The «Foundation» companies group is a constant participant of TV program «Good morning» at «First channel», «With new house» at «Rossia 1» TV channel, «Survive in megalopolis» and «Useful TV program» at «Ren» TV channel, where our specialists about interior design peculiarities and flats complete overhaul in Moscow. Besides participation at the shootings of TV programs our specialists are the experts of the project «Flat issue» at NTV. People trust and consult with us.
  15. Our company is one of the few companies in Moscow whom the Russian show business stars entrust their houses and flats for individual design development and repair conducting. Every year our specialist collaborate with more than ten and well know people such as Anfisa Chekova, Sergey Lazarev, Aleksandr Oleshko, Sergey Astkhov, Iryna Ortman and others.
  16. «The Foundation» companies group is an official dealer of air conditioning systems Daikin and Mitsubishi.
  17. We work both at standard houses and big residential complexes such «Airbus», «Avenue 77», «Cascade», «Grand Park», «Triumph Palace», «Alye Parusa», «Vorontsovskiye Prudy» and well known cottage villages of Moscow region. For numerous years of work we have got a huge portfolio, which will gladly show you at your request.
  18. We work individually for you. Your personal manager is in constant contact with you. You can easily reach your designer or foreman for current issues discussing. We do all our best for our easy and comfortable cooperation with you.
  19. Besides working with premises interiors our company conducts from time the restoration at social and historical units: temples, churches, architectural monuments, such as hotel «Ukraine» at Kutuzov sky lane, bell tower of Znamensky Cathedral at Varvarka, the Palace of Aleksey Mikhailovich Romanov in Kolomenskoye, Novospas monastery at Krutitsky hill.
  20. We are profitable organization but we think not only about profit. Our company provides sponsorship to international charity fund «Children of the World», supporting orphans without parents support. The support of charity funds plays significant role for our company as it allows both sharing the money and attention to all who need it. The part of our profit goes to charity programs, that is why by ordering us the design or repair you get both professional work and help orphans.
We can write a lot about our advantages but better see once than hear one hundred times.

Come to our office for a cup of tea or call multi channel line +7 (495) 788-08-08 in order to select best solution for interior design and further repair. Our office works on Saturdays for the busiest customers.

See you soon!

Staff of «Fundament» Companies Group

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